Big data


Eastrategies Data Department reveals your data and allows you to target your market

Marketing consulting services in database

According to Forbes, big data is considered by most companies as a tool that can be ignored. However, forecasts show that Big Data is becoming the essential business tool.

"It's not what you know that matters, but what you do with what you know." Here's what companies will learn in the coming years thanks to Big Data.

According to Harvard Business Review, most companies today are far from knowing the value of data analytics. The reasons are all recurrent: lack of discernment, lack of communication, lack of action plans.

The good news is that you can fix it!

At Eastrategies Data Department we think today is the time to go big data.

We offer tailored database analytics to redesign your marketing campaigns and more generally to help you better understand and manage your business.

Do you have a base of 1,000 people?

We can extract key data from this database in order to identify types of behavior and to be able to propose a marketing action plan that increases the impact of your campaigns. Thus, we will help you to vary and adapt the communication channels according to the type of customer.


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