About us


About us

Eastrategies is an international development consulting firm specializing in Central and Eastern Europe.

Eastrategies was born in Romania in 1992 under the leadership of Marc Pascal Huot, consultant in international development. A few years later, the company expanded to Bulgaria in 2000, Moldova in 2008, Serbia and France in 2017 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2018.

Our international support company is made up of a team of French, Romanian and Czech experts specialized in specific fields: industry, trade, agro, agri, communication, taxation, law, accounting, new technologies and management.

We accompany you through the entire process: from the initial contact to the submission of the final documents.

Our activity

We advise and support companies in all stages of their commercial and industrial processes in Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia, Czech Republic and Slovakia. :

In addition to these aspects, we also carry out transitional management assignments in these territories.

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Our international development consulting firm focuses on the international development of SMEs and mid-term companies.

Why Romania?

Romania - located at the crossroads of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe - is the second largest market in the CEEC zone, with nearly 20 million inhabitants.

This dynamic and industrial market has experienced impressive growth in recent years (more than 4% growth in 2017). This growth is mainly driven by domestic consumption and European funding.

Moreover, France and French products have a positive image with the Romanian population. French products are a real success on the Romanian market.

In addition, France is the fourth largest supplier and fifth largest investor in Romania.

Why Bulgary, Moldova or Serbia?

Like Romania, the other Eastern European countries (mainly Bulgaria, Moldova and Serbia) have grown rapidly.

In addition, the know-how of French companies is also recognized in these markets.

Finally, these markets represent a great motivated, conscientious and inexpensive workforce.

Therefore, the question to ask is: why are not you still present on these markets?

Our clients

Eastrategies has accompanied many companies in Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Among others: Midas, Ponticelli, Paritel, Neovia, Sofrel etc.

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Our development expertise in Central and Eastern Europe has led to new strategic partnerships with Bretagne Commerce International, the Federation of French Mechanical Industries and BNP PARIBAS FORTIS, OSCI Country Delegate and ACAROM.